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Looking to Rent IP Addresses?

Should you or your organization find it difficult to part ways with your property, you can choose to rent it out using RACKIP’s very own leasing services. Use your inactive domains now without worrying about losing ownership!

Individuals and companies interested in making transactions are invited to complete the form below. Every bit of it will be treated with confidentiality and will be used only to help in discussions. You also do not worry about force buys since completion of the form does not commit you to make a purchase.


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RACKIP – Growing your Investments

RACKIP is in the business of implementing successful IPv4 transactions. If you find that your organization holds IP property in excesses, we will help you liquidize and make a profit from it. If you are in need of resources to maintain business continuity or to accommodate growth, we will connect you to a compliant seller with a clean, transfer-ready block in the size of you need.

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