IPv6 : Preparing for the FUTURE

By : admin |December 17, 2013 |Blog |0 Comment

“We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.” – Last Speech by Nokia’s CEO For one of the greatest companies to rise and fall all within a single decade, we have received the most foreboding warning of all time: that preparation is necessary well in advance for the survival of any organization. Just as the explosion of devices per capita or the run out of IPv4 addresses in ARIN, while the bridge to the next technology (IPv6) is being built (and tested for reliability), there are a few options you can go through now before the inevitable complete transition into IPv6 arrives. As a start, know that you have valuable real estate in IPv4 address blocks – a property that organizations and large institutions need. These addresses can be sold, and such assets, even when left static for long periods, can be liquidated. Consider purchasing IPv4 blocks if you need an easy way into the trade, but please note that prices change depending on the rate of IPv6 adoption.

But even now, the IPv4 market is exhibiting a shortness of supply and increasing demand, causing average /16 prices to rise to $9/IP globally. Whichever preparation you need – buying or selling – we pride ourselves in giving you the counsel you need in IP trade. Whether you choose to buy or sell, we ensure you that reap your just rewards. Contact us to learn more!

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