Asset Security through Remodeling

By : admin |December 17, 2013 |Blog |0 Comment

As a CFO or CIO, your main concern is not only to protect your assets, but also produce financial results that preserve your network design.

RACKIP understands your desires to maintain of your IPv4 resources to power you through future mergers and acquisitions. We also know that historical allocations may be sparsely used, intended to withstand more load than you are now seeing. You may be in need of remodeling to free resources for sale.
Finally prices have risen, to make remodeling IPv4 networks worthwhile. For that, we have buyers ready to acquire your IPv4 blocks, but we will also guide you through every step of the way through the transfer process.
You can put your trust in us. We’ve not only pioneered IPv4 Address Block transfers within our local region, but we’ve also designed the process to run reliably, efficiently, ethically and financially prudent.
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